Close cooperation with the LS3 (Chair Prof. Dr. Turek) of Dortmund Technical University enabled us to publish a large number of publications in special areas. In order to better comprehend the background of our code Extrud3DPro, the following two publications “Wechselnde interne Randbedingungen” and “Effiziente Diskretisierung (Finite Element Diskretisierung höherer Ordnung)” are particularly recommended. Furthermore, you can find a benchmark for the FEM twin-screw extruder.

You can find several more benchmarks of our code Extrud3DPro (FeatFlow) in well known technical journals. In the following, you can find a short list of some of these:

Efficient discretization (finite element discretization higher order)

Benchmark Computations of 3D Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder with CFX, OpenFOAM and FeatFlow, International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering

Bayraktar, E.; Mierka,O.; Turek, S.: 7,3, 253-266, 2012

Changing internal boundary conditions II

Finite element fictitious boundary methods (FEB-FBM) for particulate flow, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids

Münster, R.; Mierka, O.; Turek, S.: 69, 294-313, 2012

Benchmark for FEM twin screw

Mesh Deformation Based Finite Element – Fictitious Boundary Method (FEM-FBM) for the Simulation of Twin-screw Extruders

O. Mierka, T. Theis, T. Herken, S. Turek, V. Schoeppner, F. Platte
November 24, 2014

Near-Infrared Refletance Spectroscopy for Noninvasive Monitoring of Metabolites

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 38(2)

Michael Heise, S. 137-45, March 2000.

Further Benchmarks of our Code Extrud3DPro (FeatFlow) you will find in different journals. In the following, a listing of papers including their webpointers is given: