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What we stand for. What sets us apart. What we love/live.


On the same level. Open. Honest.


Intelligent. Focused. Curious.

Agile work

Together. Flexible. Adaptable.


Innovative. Creative. Initiative.


Do we meet your expectations?

We don’t know if we meet your expectations.
But here’s what we can say:

There are still some bumps and hiccups here and there, and we are aware of that. It will take a little while longer for us to get where we want to be. Expanding the team is the most natural thing in the world when a company grows. But we want to do it in a healthy way, so qualified individuals who feel connected with us are essential. If you’re up for this journey, then join us. Because: Those who do it with us, do it right!

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Marc Wronka – CHRO

Hey, I’m Marc.
I’m responsible for the personnel here at IANUS – that’s all of you.
You can always reach out to me with questions, requests, or suggestions.

If you apply to us, either I or someone from my team will be ready to assist.


We are agile.
Work at your favourite location & become part of our brilliant team. Location-independent & flexible.


since 2006


since 2017


since 2023


since 2024


You can do something that we don’t yet know we need!

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