Precise & Fast Extrusion Simulation AI-Based

Take advantage of the revolutionary power of state-of-the-art numerics and calculation methods, combined with globally unique AI assistants for designing your extrusion tools


Simpler, faster, cheaper

Take the horror out of complexity, meet your desired constraints and minimize your iterations at the same time.

SaaS + High-Performance-Computing

Use a flexible software solution with regular updates, parallel calculations for maximum efficiency on German high-performance computers.

Generative AI for everyone

Optimize your extrusion tools with generative AI as if by magic.

Optimization with StrömungsRaum®

Before each individual StrömungsRaum® system, the focus is on tailor-made cooperation with our customers. We take into account specific challenges in the field of plastic extrusion and carry out extensive validations to ensure the precision and reliability of our solutions. By using state-of-the-art algorithms and the latest technologies, we offer a product that is specifically tailored to the needs of the plastics industry and can be seamlessly integrated into existing production processes.


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Best products due to homogeneous tool outlet flow

With the semi-automated simulation solution from StrömungsRaum®, you can optimize your extrusion tool. A continuous flow of the plastic melt through the flow channel is crucial for precise extrusion profiles. StrömungsRaum® makes it possible to investigate and optimize the flow behavior quickly and precisely. The elimination of initial investments makes it easier to get started. Uniform distribution of materials prevents defects. Reduced post-processing and scrap increase energy efficiency. Optimize your production process sustainably.

Generative AI for everyone

Our unique AI design assistant optimizes your extrusion tools automatically and precisely. The generative AI optimization engine uses machine learning and neural networks to adjust tool geometry based on your needs. StrömungsRaum® with powerful generative AI revolutionizes design with the motto “First Time Right”. The elimination of initial investments makes it easier to get started with new technologies. The best combination of materials is quickly identified, production errors are detected at an early stage and unnecessary process steps are avoided, thus improving energy consumption and environmental balance.


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For you, this means: 4 steps to building great applications.

Optimise existing processes and geometries in seconds with the help of 3D CFD flow simulations. Quite simply on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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Test our efficient solutions with superior usability, fast workflows and high-quality simulation results.


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Internet connection is all you need: you can transfer your digital twin and data easily and securely anytime, anywhere, even via tablet or smartphone.


Start Simulation

Easily define and start numerous simulations that are executed fully automatically on a supercomputer.


Automated Report

Quickly gain insights into your processes, envision a future with cost-effective prototyping.

Further added value for you at a glance

Just let us know your wishes – we will bring them to life.

Targeted on-boarding of your users

Increased productivity and efficiency by eliminating errors

Quickly adapt to your special cases, such as the reaction kinetics of elastomers

No standard, but exactly what you need

In-depth plastics knowledge from IANUS combined with numerous other renowned expertise

Preparation of results and optimisation analysis

Extract from enthusiastic customers who use StrömungsRaum® successfully

Numerous well-known companies are already using our expertise to develop completely new solutions with significantly shorter development times.

What our customers say

The experience of our customers shows how you too can benefit from StrömungsRaum® through significantly accelerated development times or the identification of weak points.

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