Who’s behind it, where do we come from, and what do we actually do?
You can find out all of that here.

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It all started with a bet…

Sounds crazier than it is.
But if it hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Platte and Dr. Ing. Tobias Herken – they are the minds behind IANUS.
It all began in 2006 when IANUS Simulation GmbH was founded as a spin-off of TU Dortmund. A few very bright minds from various fields like mathematics, IT, physics, chemistry, and more, combined with a great idea, laid the foundation for us as a company.

Codes were written, presentations were crafted, and heads were spinning. But even back then, people recognized the vision.
A framework that is meant to change the world.

Today, years later, we still haven’t reached where we want to be, but we’ve achieved so much that we can fill a whole page here.

Starting with two employees, we can now call many more our core.
Because without the team that gives their best every day, we wouldn’t make progress.

We are just like you, curious about everything that lies ahead, and we won’t lose sight of our goal:


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And now, starting from the beginning.

The 4 most important steps of our company.



IANUS was founded at TU Dortmund due to strong demand from the industry for flow simulations. IANUS Simulation GmbH is one of the few spin-offs from the field of mathematics.



The 50th industrial project focuses on optimizing a stirred tank reactor for the production of aluminum oxide.



Extrud3D is introduced as the first fully automated approach for simulating twin-screw extruders.



The opening of our second location provides us with many new opportunities.
Project development, sales, and marketing are expanded.

To be continued…

Our technical advisory board

These are the rock stars in their respective fields and absolute professionals in their areas of expertise.
A network of experienced individuals who work together with us to find the best solutions for our clients.

Success stories

Other companies are also convinced.


We are agile.
Work at your favourite location & become part of our brilliant team. Location-independent & flexible.


since 2006

Sebrathweg 5
44149 Dortmund


since 2017

Auf der Großenheide 9
33609 Bielefeld


since 2023

Köpenicker Straße 325
12555 Berlin


since 2024

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
64293 Darmstadt

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