Fire protection without compromise:
Safe and efficient

Optimize your fire protection planning with advanced 3D CFD simulations, state-of-the-art numerical methods, and high-performance computing techniques.


Fire protection from A to Z

IANUS provides you with expert support throughout all phases of your construction project. With our many years of experience, including in large-scale projects, we accompany you from the design stage through to approval and ensure uncomplicated integration into existing planning teams. We support you in all questions and concerns!

Performance-based fire safety design

After the initial consultation, we create a digital twin of your building and simulate the scenarios we have defined together. Besides performing the calculations, we also handle the necessary coordination with project participants and authorizing authorities. You will receive the final results in a report for submission in the approval process.

Automated quality assurance

With our comprehensive 3D simulations based on your individual building model, you make no compromises. The integrated quality assurance detects protection target violations during the simulation, saving valuable time. Automating the evaluation and final report reduces manual steps and human errors, ensuring the highest quality standards and increasing acceptance by the authorities.


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Fire risk analysis

Do you need a thorough analysis of the impact of a fire event on your building? With the help of our advanced automation systems, we can analyze the following parameters for you:

– Fire spread

– Propagation paths and density of smoke gases

– Temperature and velocity fields

– Surface temperatures

– Heat flows through radiation and convection

In this way, we can make well-founded decisions and develop customized fire protection concepts together with you.

Did you know…

that the heat release rate and the ventilation conditions are the most important input data for a fire simulation? The heat release rate maps the fire progression relevant to the design. Together with the other fire parameters, it represents the so-called design fire. The ventilation conditions, which determine the air exchange and oxygen supply, have a significant influence on the intensity and spread of the fire. In consultation with the authorities and specialised planners, we support you to define sensible values for these two parameters in order to create realistic and meaningful fire scenarios for your application.


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You provide the building geometry – we handle everything else.

Based on your requirements, the geometry, and the planned usage of the building, we determine the appropriate protection targets and boundary conditions. This data is incorporated into the subsequent CFD simulations. After evaluating the results, you receive an automated report with specific proposals for fire protection measures in your building.



We will discuss your specific concerns and develop various solutions together to find the best strategy for you.



Internet connection is all you need: Upload your documents anytime and anywhere via tablet, computer or smartphone, simply and securely in our StrömungsRaum®.


Final Report                                                           

Receive detailed results and specific recommendations for your fire protection challenges. Save resources and costs by using innovative technologies.


Customer Support (optional)

Do you need assistance designing and performing simulations or analyzing existing results? We offer comprehensive support in all phases of the simulation process – your success is our success!

… based on precise modeling

Get your building model analyzed on a detailed 3D grid using advanced CFD simulations.

… in a German cloud

Our simulations are carried out on state-of-the-art German computer clusters. Your data remains secure and is processed according to the highest data protection standards.

… with high-performance power

By utilizing parallelized algorithms and running multiple simulations simultaneously, we ensure a detailed and efficient analysis.

Full Service for easy use

We take care of:

Basic evaluation

Coordination with you, the approving authorities and the specialist planners

Setting up the simulation including coordinated boundary conditions

Verification of the protection targets to be met, if necessary with additional simulations

Detailed evaluation and preparation of the final report

Optimization with StrömungsRaum®

StrömungsRaum® takes fire protection to a new level.
Through high computing power and advanced mathematical models, our fire simulations enable precise predictions and support the optimization of measures. We place particular emphasis on collaboration with our customers and adapt each simulation to the specific challenges of your project. To ensure the reliability of our results, we carry out comprehensive tests within the simulations. In this way, we offer customized solutions that meet the highest demands in fire protection.


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