Fast and easy optimization with StrömungsRaum ®

Our webbrowser based simulation-as-a-service framework Strömungsraum® provides you a
fast and easy solution for fully automated 3D flow simulations by means of digital twins. The software can help you at the design, the detailed analysis including existing defects such as dead zones, hotspots, turbulences etc. as well as the optimization of your products and processes.
StrömungsRaum® therefore creates a virtual space, in which you can test your machines and components digitally, without recreating them in reality by time- and cost-intensive trial & error experiments. This way of proceeding saves a high amount of ressources, which can be used for other activities in your company.

Simulation on the way to the coffee machine

Every individual StrömungsRaum® requires an intensive collaboration with our client, in which individual problems are considered and numerous validations are implemented. Using modern algorithms and the newest technologies, we are able to build tailor-made products for individual problems and different application areas that fit perfectly into your workflow afterwards.
Due to its easy handling, every employee can work with StrömungsRaum® without any complications. You can use StrömungsRaum® from every place and plattform-independent on your computer, tablet or smartphone, even on the way to the coffee machine. How? Log in, upload your geometry, enter your parameters and start the simulation. In a short period of time, the software calculates the entered data and you can easily see and download your simulation results.

To sum up:

  • Cost- and time-efficient problem solution
  • Digital design, analysis & optimization
  • Saving ressources
  • Log in
  • Upload your geometry
  • Enter your parameters
  • Start the simulaton
  • Download the results
  • Directly from PC, tablet or smartphone


StrömungsRaum ® in practice

„Before we started using a simulation program, we often had to start several attempts. Due to that we wasted a lot of time as well as material.”

Denis Mitev (M+S Silicon)

In the video on the right, we show you a possible application of StrömungsRaum ® together with the company M+S Silicon from Dortmund. In this case StrömungsRaum ® is used in the extrusion process for silicon profiles.

Moreover, Denis Mitev from M+S explains which positive effects and changes in the process are achieved due to the application of StrömungsRaum ®.



  •  Highest security standards
  • IHigh-performance computer-clusters
  •  Individuality for every client
  •  Highest quality through continuous improvement
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Minimal effort for your workflow
  • Experienced experts
  • Individual results for different client needs

Application areas of STRÖMUNGSRAUM ®




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