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Fast and Easy Optimization with StrömungsRaum®

Before each individual StrömungsRaum® system, there is an intensive collaboration with our customers, considering individual problems and conducting numerous validations. By using state-of-the-art algorithms and the latest technologies, we can then offer you a customized product for individual challenges and various applications that seamlessly integrates into your workflow. StrömungsRaum® is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface, allowing every one of your employees to work with the software. Whether on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can log into StrömungsRaum® from anywhere, even on the way to the coffee machine. You can upload your geometry, enter the parameters, and start the simulation. Within a short time, you will receive your simulation results and can conveniently view and download them.


That’s what makes us special.


Fast, fully automated, and precise processing of all data for optimized development processes.


Many simultaneous calculations for efficient analysis, maximum data throughput, and optimized AI models.


Flexible, scalable simulation and optimization in the cloud for maximum availability and security.


Ready-made products. Various applications. Easily available by subscription.

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Extrusion technology

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Hot Runner Systems

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Injection molding

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Fire protection

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Building technology

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Blow molding

Not in your industry? We can still do something for you.

Our 4 Steps to Develop Great Applications Faster.

Optimize existing processes and geometries using 3D CFD Flow simulations in seconds. Easily accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Free Trial Access

Test our efficient solutions for free with outstanding usability, fast workflows, and high-quality simulation results.


Upload Data

With an internet connection, you can transfer your digital twin and data anytime, anywhere, even via a tablet or smartphone, easily and securely.


Start Simulation

Define and initiate numerous simulations that are executed fully automatically on a supercomputer.


Automated Report

Quickly gain insights into your processes, envision a future with cost-effective prototyping.


Optimization of profile extrusion tools

The optimization of profile extrusion tools benefits from the combination of our automatic simulation solutions with our AI-based technologies. Simulation enables precise predictions of flow behavior, while AI models accelerate the optimization of tool design and process parameters.

Hot runner optimization

Generative AI, for example, allows for optimized sensor positioning in the design of hot runner systems. Analysis of simulation data enhances sensor-based control strategies, resulting in more efficient processes, higher product quality, and reduced costs.

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