Precise & fast injection moulding simulation without compromise

Optimise your plastic geometries using 3D CFD simulations in combination with state-of-the-art numerics and high-performance computing techniques.

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The experience of our customers shows how you too can benefit from StrömungsRaum® through significantly accelerated development times or the identification of weak points.

Grid Creation

Simulate your geometries in high-resolution, full 3D CFD grids without simplifying with analytical approximations.

Cloud Computing

Conduct many parallel calculations of your components for efficient analysis, maximizing data throughput on German computing clusters.

2-Phase simulation

Explicitly consider the air phase including defined air exit points, identify the smallest air inclusions, and the formation of a real melt front.

Optimization with StrömungsRaum®

Each individual StrömungsRaum® system begins with customized collaboration with our customers. Specific challenges in injection molding are considered, and comprehensive validations are conducted to ensure the precision and reliability of our solutions. Advanced algorithms and the latest technologies are utilized to offer a product tailored to the needs of the injection molding industry, seamlessly integrating into existing production processes.


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More Precise Injection Molding Simulations

Our StrömungsRaum® system revolutionizes injection molding simulation through advanced 3D modeling that surpasses the limitations of traditional 2D and 2.5D methods. Utilizing highly developed algorithms, it excels at depicting complex flow dynamics and stress distributions in components with high accuracy and speed. This allows for detailed insights into critical areas such as junction points or sudden changes in wall thickness. This enables more precise predictions, optimized design decisions, and more efficient production, offering our clients a significant competitive advantage. Soon, it will also include highly precise simulations of warpage and shrinkage. Join us in developing the next high-end features.

Extensive Material Database

Our extensive material database is a central component of StrömungsRaum®, enabling simulations with the highest accuracy. It includes detailed mathematical descriptions of viscosities at various temperatures as well as comprehensive material descriptions based on careful thermal and physical analyses. These details are crucial for accurately predicting the behavior of plastics. Should a specific material type not be available in our database, our system supports you with an advanced algorithm that can identify a similar material using the MFI/MVR index. Additionally, there is the capability to import common file formats.

This feature significantly enhances the flexibility and precision in selecting and applying materials for your injection molding projects. We are pleased to assist you with precise material measurement in collaboration with one of our partner labs. We offer comprehensive analysis of various material parameters, including:

  • Viscosity determination using a high-pressure capillary rheometer (DIN 53014)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) (DIN EN ISO 11357)
  • Determination of temperature and thermal conductivity of solids and melts (DIN EN ISO 22077)
  • Melt density (pVT) (DIN EN ISO 17744)

Our experts work with precision and care to provide you with detailed information about your specific material.

For you, this means: 4 steps to the development of great plastic-compatible geometries.

Optimise existing processes and geometries in seconds with the help of 3D CFD flow simulations. Quite simply on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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Easily define and start numerous simulations that are executed fully automatically on a supercomputer.


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Get detailed insights into your geometries and processes for an innovative future with more cost-efficient prototyping.

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DFM Design for Manufacturing/ Feasibility study

Optimisation of customer geometry for plastics

Creation of an injection moulding tool design

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Access to knowledge and research network

Preparation of results and optimisation analysis

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