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Seal of quality

IANUS Simulation recently recieved the seal of quality “innovative by research” with big pleasure from the association of the Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. The association under the patronage of the federe president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier constantly labels companies which…


Job vacancy at IANUS

Today, we are looking for teamplayer to strengthen our team of experts. Are you a technical drawer, a sales engineer or a software developer?

In this case, you should have a look at our career page and our job vacancies.

Screw designing with IANUS

With our help, you can design your screws fast, efficiently and precisely to reach the best results and to have the most optimal process depending on long dwell times, dead zones, dispersive and distributive mixing behaviour ect.

Extrusion and die analysis

Pump optimization

Air-flow simulation

Your partner for simulation in the plastics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

We have made it our business to illustrate your creation or flow process in high resolution and three dimensional with the help of our specialist software Extrud3DPro. Temperatures, pressures, flow velocities, mixing gradients and much more parameters can be calculated and therefore uncovered.

For this, we solely require a process description, e.g. based on sketches or CAD-data and a reference material, a material sample or material parameters. After the flow simulation your processes/ flow processes can be viewed, comprehended and improved. Next to energetic optimizations, the qualities of the manufacturing process and the end product can be purposefully optimized. Usually simple modifications are sufficient to improve processes in a sustainable way.

In the area of flow simulation, we look back on many years of experience that help us to select adequate approaches for your processes. Next to a high number of proficient engineers and mathematicians, high quality is guaranteed particularly through our scientific advisory council. These persons provide more than a hundred referenced, international publications on flow simulations (17 in 2015 alone) in prestigious trade journals.

Our References

Our content customers that have already profited from our simulations include well-known customers from the plastics, pharmaceutical, and food industry. An extract is listed below:

If you require a flow simulation, don’t hesitate to contact us.