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The duration of a simulation can vary depending on complexity and requirements. However, thanks to our data center partners and scalable simulation codes, we can ensure fast and efficient calculations that meet virtually all requirements for maximum wait time for results. This means you will receive your simulation results in no time, allowing you to advance your development process further.

Your data is stored in our Supercomputing Centers in Germany. This regional data storage offers significant advantages to both German and European industries, including enhanced data security through compliance with strict European data protection regulations, lower latency for faster access to your data, and support for regional technology and economic initiatives. This ensures the security and efficiency of managing your valuable data.

Material data is either provided by the customer, found in our database, or determined by IANUS Simulation GmbH and their laboratory partners.

The cost of measuring a rheology curve at each temperature is 415€ (as of 2023). It often makes sense to measure 3 curves as this determines the temperature dependence. Density data can usually be obtained from data sheets.

2-3 kg

Certainly. However, please note that these will be 20% more expensive than in a regular subscription.
We also have fixed monthly quotas with our cluster partners, and if there is an overload, these extra costs will be charged to us.

We place importance on detailed onboarding and satisfied customers. Such things take time.
And time equals money.
With our fully automated simulations, there is simply no need for manpower.

A partner package consists of simulation and service hours processed through monthly packages.

Creating customized simulation platforms with our industry partners sets us apart.
We want to offer you more than just fully automated simulations but deliver ready-made geometries and processes with the help of AI assistant systems.

Cloud computing offers high security standards through encrypted data transmission, multi-layered firewalls, and regular security updates. In addition, users benefit from continuous monitoring, automated backups, and compliance with strict data protection policies, ensuring a high level of data security.

In this case, the unused simulations will expire, but you can switch monthly subscriptions and even flexibly add more simulations.

The storage of your data occurs in three stages: in the first 12 months, all data is stored uncompressed. Subsequently, they are stored compressed for an additional 12 months. After a total of 24 months, we ensure the reproducibility of the simulation results and only delete the raw data to optimize storage space while keeping relevant information available.

StrömungsRaum® is a flexible framework that enables the rapid development of individual cloud computing solutions for simulation and AI-based optimization. This allows us to plan and implement adjustments according to your specific requirements. Just contact us to discuss your needs and develop a tailor-made solution together.

Your StrömungsRaum®system uses highly accurate simulation codes to ensure precise results. Furthermore, the validation of the results is based on experimental and sensor data to meet the highest standards. This approach ensures that the simulation results are reliable and of high quality.

We collaborate with many great partners, including FZ Jülich, HRLS, and TU Dortmund, among others.

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