IANUS simulation tools can assist in the development and optimization of battery cells, while our AI modules analyze large datasets and simulations comprehensively to identify the most efficient and cost-effective cell concepts. By modeling and simulating various materials, configurations, and manufacturing processes, simulations predict performance characteristics such as capacity, energy density, and cycle life, enabling the best possible product. Manufacturers optimize battery concepts in this way before physical prototypes are built, saving time and resources. Our simulation models can also represent various manufacturing scenarios, such as facility layouts, optimized production flows, and resource allocation. This aids in cost reduction, yield improvement, and increased production capacity.

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Resource Conservation

Developing without prototypes avoids resource expenditures during the development phase.

Efficient Development

Simulation-driven AI ensures that development is target-oriented.

Production Optimization

Reduce waste during plant startup and optimize production output with our solutions.

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We support industrial customers with our DeepTech solutions to enhance the technical efficiency of processes and machinery while minimizing resource consumption. Our solutions include AI-based prediction and design assistants that enable quick assessment of various design concepts using the Rapid Prototyping method and reveal potential optimization opportunities. These assistants work based on digital representations of the respective processes, which can be analyzed through fully automated simulations. This allows for the synthesis of large data pools that the AI assistant systems can operate with.

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