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About IANUS Simulation

We are a young company specialized for simulations. As a company with a lot of experience, we can help you to solve your problems.
If you want to have further information about us, you can visit our Youtube channel!

About IANUS Simulation - from research into economy

The team behind

IANUS at the K fair!

The K fair is the most important fair for the plastics and rubber industry worldwide. At the K 2019, we visited our clients to ask them some questions.

How does IANUS collaborate with its clients?

Client interviews in Englisch

What can IANUS do for ist clients? - Contents of cooperation

Client interviews in Englisch

Why do we need simulation in the modern industry? - Learning by simulating

Client interviews in Englisch

Our fields of application:

Simulation of mixers and stirrers

We can also optimize processes in Mixers and stirrers. On the left side, you can see an example of a stirrer in which the different flow and mixing properties are shown.