Extrusion and plastics processing

Extrusion dies

One of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation is the 3D CFD flow simulation for extrusion dies.

Compared to costly experimental investigations, a 3D CFD flow simulation can be implemented quickly and allows a detailed insight into the process. In such a manner, a process can already be examined and optimized in the early stage of development.

Avoid errors like…

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Single- and twin screws

The 3D CFD simulations offered by IANUS Simulation enables to design and configure screws optimally. Whether it is about a single- or a twin-screw, IANUS Simulation makes it possible to have a deep insight into the extruder, and it is well-known that an optimally designed screw allows for the optimal throughput as well as the optimal energy efficiency…


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Hot runner systems

Our system offers an easy upload of step files as well as the opportunity to enter the heat capacity and the die temperature conveniently. Due to the easy handling, you don’t need long trainings and every employee can work with the software without any problems. In a short period of time, the software calculates the entered data and you can easily download your simulation results afterwards.

You can use the Strömungsraum for hot runner systems to…

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Pumps and mechanical engineering

Pump optimization

The optimization of pumps and pump systems is another one of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation. Based on CAD data files, it is possible to carry out an individual error analysis that normally takes just a few days time. This turns out to be profitable, because thereby decrease tremendously the costs of a flow simulation as well as of a pump optimization. It results in a high ROI (Return On Investment) while just having to raise a small amount of capital on the one hand, and on the other hand in a short amortization period...

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Heat and wind simulation

Air-flow simulation

In this field, there are many possibilities of flow simulations. Besides air-flow simulations in feed pipes, ovens etc., is the calculation of resistors in the automotive or wind turbine sector the newest state of the art. Heat transmission procedures for all turbulent flows – like for example in industrial ovens – can be quickly realized. Various radiation models and their influences can be very easily depicted too.

Some examples of possible applications are…

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Chemistry and process engineering

Dynamical process simulation for the chemical industry

Besides dynamical 3D flow simulations (CFD) for extrusion- and pump processes, IANUS Simulation GmbH offers also softwaresolutions in the area of the chemical technology...


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OUR SOLUTION CHEMPRO X3D: Not only for the design of new processes, process modeling and simulation is also a useful tool for optimizing and reengineering existing processes to increase the operation efficiency, intensifying the process, reduce mass and heat losses, or to eliminate miscellaneous malfunctions. Primarily, chemical process modeling and simulation can be applied for…

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