We believe that good cooperations lead to better solutions. In this conviction, we founded the StrömungsRaum Alliance together with 8 other companies specialized in CFD. Being the first CFD experts network of this kind in Germany, we set new standards in the field of individualized CFD solutions.

The StrömungsRaum Alliance is a central contact with a steady increasing network of CFD service providers from different industries. 

Our platform gives you the opportunity to contact the right expert for your problem to get a tailored solution for your CFD application.


  • nationwide representation
  • cross-sector
  • tailor-made
  • customer-oriented
  • own codes
  • software independent
  • platform independent
  • efficient



CFD ist efficient!

We use modern and efficient algorithms on high-performance hardware. Therefore, experimental investigations can be replaced by efficient optimizations. In the past, implementing simulations could take various days and were very time-consuming, whereas today, the results can be delivered within minutes or hours. This progress saves costs and makes the technology applicable for a broad base.

Saving resources through digitization

The digitization of construction processes avoids expensive optimization loops. In this regard, resources can be saved on the one hand and the use of energy as well as the released amount of CO2 in the production can be both reduced on the other hand. A win-win situation!

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