Our core competencies in 3D CFD flow simulations

Extrusion andplastics processing

Pumps andmechanical engineering

Heat andwind simulation

Chemistry andprocess engineering


We offer individual software for extrusion dies and single- and twin-screw extruders. We discuss your simulation goals together and compile an individualized software based on our Extrud3DPro code for you. Everything is tailor-made for your processes – from grid generation to the analysis with ReporterPro! And the best: the application is easy as pie – there are only a few simple steps from process definition to analysis necessary (see procedure of a process simulation).

There are diverse possibilities and almost every of your process parameters can be calculated – however, here a few examples:

Extrusion screw and die analysis:

One of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation is the 3D CFD flow simulation for extrusion dies and screws.

Compared to costly experimental investigations, a 3D CFD flow simulation can be implemented quickly and allows a detailed insight into the process. In such a manner, a process can already be examined and optimized in the early stage of development.

Furthermore, the causes of the following errors can be identified quickly:

  • Dead zones
  • Hotspots
  • Turbulences
  • High dwell times
  • Inefficient design

The advantage for the customer is an efficient product optimization. Black specks or tear-offs on the profile can be prevented from the start, additional costs for an unnecessary high waste of material can be avoided, and the energy efficiency can be improved in the best possible way.

The modern industry already uses flow simulations for several years. The 3D CFD simulations offered by IANUS Simulation do not only allow to optimize dies but also enable to design and configure screws optimally. Whether it is about a single- or a twin-screw, IANUS Simulation makes it possible to have a deep insight into the extruder, and it is well-known that an optimally designed screw allows for the optimal throughput as well as the optimal energy efficiency.

Furthermore, simulations make it possible to identify key figures, like the temperature peaks, the energy input or the shear distribution of the most diverse screws. Thereby, it is possible to determine easily both the optimal transition into the die, a comparison of the material stress and an optimal screw design respectively a configuration for the maximum throughput.

The specifically generated code Extrud3DPro is based on the 3D FEM (FeatFlow) code. That is why the CFD flow simulation can not only be depicted in 3D, but also at high resolution.

  • No trial and error
  • Quick calculations
  • Easy handling without any initial training
  • No additional personnel and material costs
  • Low investment risk due to a high ROI and quick amortization
  • Higher product and process quality

The aim of IANUS Simulation is to depict the customer’s process in the highest quality with simultaneous low costs.

“We often had difficulties with the die changes and had to try a lot to eventually avoid specks and tear-offs on the profile due to a poor die design. Together with IANUS Simulation we are able now to produce optimally in advance and without having to rework the dies.”

Pump optimization:

The optimization of pumps and pump systems is another one of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation.

Based on CAD data files, it is possible to carry out an individual error analysis that normally takes just a few days time. This turns out to be profitable, because thereby decrease tremendously the costs of a flow simulation as well as of a pump optimization. It results in a high ROI (Return On Investment) while just having to raise a small amount of capital on the one hand, and on the other hand in a short amortization period.

For example, a 3D CFD flow simulation allows to optimize spiral pumps, screw spindle pumps, gear pumps, oscillating positive displacement pumps or membrane pumps.

Both the simulation and a lot of empirical values permit to largely save time- and cost-intensive trials. Therefore, a simulation implemented by IANUS Simulation offers diverse benefits for developers of pumps:

  • Unintentional high shear stress
  • Cavitation
  • Pulsations
  • Turbulences in the pump
  • Unfavourable conduction relations before and behind the pump

can be significantly minimized by a 3D CFD simulation. Therefore, the wear behaviour can be optimized.

Beside the pumps it is also possible to improve the entire system in combination with the pumps to ensure the optimum utilization of the whole configuration. In the foreground stands the efficiency optimization of the system, the avoidance of costs caused by poor designs and the greatest possible increase in quality of the final products. This is always the highest aim.

Moreover, the calculation of the optimal operating point (Q/h) of the system often presents a major problem for system operators and can be defined beforehand by a simulation of the characteristic curve of the system as well as of the characteristic curve of the pump in a short period of time.

That means:

  • An investment in especially high-performance and cost-intensive computer technology is not necessary
  • Massive savings of time
  • No expensive spending in operating personnel and its familiarization
  • Short amortization period –> high ROI

Pump3DPro, our specifically adjusted 3D CFD code, which is based on the multi-awarded FeatFlow-concept, therefore presents a very economical high-tech analysis tool for the simulation, calculation and evaluation of the proceeding flow conditions. Due to our long-time experience in the area of flow simulations, IANUS Simulation is your perfect partner for the optimization of pumps and systems.

“By means of IANUS Simulation we were able to identify our optimal operating point quickly and easily. Now we do not longer have any problems with the cavitation in our gear pump.”

Air-flow simulations:

Another essential core element of IANUS Simulation is the 3D CFD simulation of turbulent flows.

In this field, there are many possibilities of flow simulations. Besides air-flow simulations in feed pipes, ovens etc., is the calculation of resistors in the automotive or wind turbine sector the newest state of the art. Heat transmission procedures for all turbulent flows – like for example in industrial ovens – can be quickly realized. Various radiation models and their influences can be very easily depicted too.

Below are some examples of possible applications:

  • Oven designs
  • Optimization of pipe-air conduction systems
  • Wind power plants
  • Automotive
  • Building design (heat and air transport)

Regardless of whether the customer wants the energy efficiency to be improved or to obtain key performance indicators, IANUS Simulation simulates these flow processes on the basis of the CAD data. By this, the customer can design their system or process efficiently.

Therefore, possible sources of errors like vortex formation or unintended unsteady heating can be identified and prevented already in advance.

Find the optimal geometry for your process by means of a 3D CFD flow simulation and the extensive experience of IANUS Simulation in the field of flow simulations. Regardless of whether you want an already existing geometry to be optimized or to be completely new designed, IANUS Simulations helps you to achieve your aims both quickly and easily.

  • No trial and error
  • Quick calculations
  • Easy handling without any initial training
  • No additional personnel and material costs
  • Low investment risk due to a high ROI and quick amortization
  • Higher product and process quality

The objective of IANUS Simulation is to attain the highest quality with a minimum of effort for the customer.

“Thanks to IANUS Simulation and their simulations we were able to find out quickly why some of our pieces of dough burnt in our oven while others were only half done.”

“Without a simulation of IANUS Simulation, it would have required eternities to find the cause of our problem. Now we significantly understand better all procedures and were able to save a lot of effort.”

Dynamic process simulation for chemistry and biotechnology

Beyond this are many more possibilities to optimize your chemical or biological processes e.g. in mixers, stirrers or blow mould projects. There are severeal possibilities to implement our CFD flow simulation solutions software platforms, for example from Aspen Technologys like:

  •  Aspen Hysys©
  •  Aspen Hysys Dynamics ©
  • lAspen Plus ©
  •  Aspen Plus Dynamics ©
  •  Aspen Custom Modeler©

On the right side you can see an example of a stirrer in which the different flow and mixing properties are shown. We would like to thank Evonik Industries for the approval to show it.

Procedure of a Software Development and Process Simulations

There are two principles that characterize IANUS:

  1. CFD-Simulations are versatile. Lots of questions, many exceptions and a field of research that is continuously developing. Good and quick results require a solid base, which we provide for your process.
  2. You as a customer need to be able to perform a simulation within a few simple steps. No training for weeks and parallel to your daily business.

We design a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is especially customized to your needs. It serves to define all boundary conditions of the simulation for the calculation cluster quick and easily. Afterwards you can do the calculation either on

  • your cluster,
  • on the IANUS cluster,
  • or on a small system that we designed to run in a fully automatic mode (inclusively ReporterPro).

The analysis is done by ReporterPro – all flows, temperatures, etc. are illustrated in form of animations, sectional planes or diagrams.

You have a flow process different from the ones presented here?

Feel free to contact us!