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Single- and twin-screw extruders

The 3D CFD simulations offered by IANUS Simulation enables to design and configure screws optimally. Whether it is about a single- or a twin-screw, IANUS Simulation makes it possible to have a deep insight into the extruder, and it is well-known that an optimally designed screw allows for the optimal throughput as well as the optimal energy efficiency.

Furthermore, simulations make it possible to identify key figures, like the temperature peaks, the energy input or the shear distribution of the most diverse screws. Thereby, it is possible to determine easily both the optimal transition into the die, a comparison of the material stress and an optimal screw design respectively a configuration for the maximum throughput.

  • No trial and error
  • Quick calculations
  • Easy handling without any initial training
  • No additional personnel and material costs
  • Low investment risk due to a high ROI and quick amortization
  • Higher product and process quality

The specifically generated code Extrud3D is based on the 3D FEM (FeatFlow) code. That is why the CFD flow simulation can not only be depicted in 3D, but also at high resolution.

Modellierung Einschnecke

We use a full three-dimensional calculation modell to calculate the flow behaviour of the single- and twin-screws.

This method of calculation enables the analysis of the impact of the screw geometry and the belonging process variables to the conveying operation and mixing operation and allows to optimize the design process.

“Without a simulation of IANUS Simulation, it would have required eternities to find the cause of our problem. Now we significantly understand better all procedures and were able to save a lot of effort.”

More simulation – less experimentation!