Our exclusive software code Extrud3DPro, based on the several times rewarded FeatFlow concept, forms the basis of our simulation performance as software and service.

We support you in developing new approaches, optimizing your process or fixing problems or anomalies. We consider ourselves as a partner with long-term experience who assists you competently, reliably and dedicatedly with your assignments.

Simulation as a Service

You determine the goal/ problem and we simulate your process and support you with the optimization/ bug fixing.

You need results immediately? No problem! Our code works very time efficiently and offers the first results after several hours already.

Example for possible services

Simulation as a Software

You have several plants with similar tasks? Usually, only material or geometry change and you want to perform the simulation independently?

Here our tailor-made software products are appropriate. Naturally, we will support you in training your employees and setting up the software.

Example for possible software
View of a possible GUI

IANUS tool design

  • CFD-Simulation of extrusion tools
  • fully automatic evaluation of CFD (ReporterPro)
  • Screening of dead zones, hotspots, whirls etc.
  • individualized output of customer-specific process-requirements