Our software: ReporterPro

Data evaluation is a core competence! 10 GB and more data emerge in a flow simulation; but which data are important and how can it be evaluated efficiently? For this, we developed ReporterPro during the last seven years. The software consists of single modules that efficiently evaluate the particular simulation results.

For the temperature evaluation mean values are calculated that display the temperature profile along flow length and/or time. In addition, minimal and maximum values and shear distributions are calculated in order to describe the thermal use of the fluid. Next to the display as a function/graph, the temperature profile is displayed as an animation in several levels (e.g. top view or section plane) in order to get a more detailed view.

Next to the general procedure for extrusion dies, single- and twin-screw extruders and pumping systems, there are existing several special modules that allow further displays complying with the current state of art. They can be used e.g. for lectures or internal comparisons.