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Pump optimization

The optimization of pumps and pump systems is another one of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation. Based on CAD data files, it is possible to carry out an individual error analysis that normally takes just a few days time. This turns out to be profitable, because thereby decrease tremendously the costs of a flow simulation as well as of a pump optimization. It results in a high ROI (Return On Investment) while just having to raise a small amount of capital on the one hand, and on the other hand in a short amortization period.

For example, a 3D CFD flow simulation allows to optimize spiral pumps, screw spindle pumps, gear pumps, oscillating positive displacement pumps or membrane pumps.

Both the simulation and a lot of empirical values permit to largely save time- and cost-intensive trials. Therefore, a simulation implemented by IANUS Simulation offers diverse benefits for developers of pumps. Optimize your wear behaviour and minimize:

  • Unintentional high shear stress
  • Cavitation
  • Pulsations
  • Turbulences in the pump
  • Unfavourable conduction relations before and behind the pump

Beside the pumps it is also possible to improve the entire system in combination with the pumps to ensure the optimum utilization of the whole configuration. In the foreground stands the efficiency optimization of the system, the avoidance of costs caused by poor designs and the greatest possible increase in quality of the final products. This is always the highest aim.

Moreover, the calculation of the optimal operating point (Q/h) of the system often presents a major problem for system operators and can be defined beforehand by a simulation of the characteristic curve of the system as well as of the characteristic curve of the pump in a short period of time.

That means:

  • An investment in especially high-performance and cost-intensive computer technology is not necessary
  • Massive savings of time
  • No expensive spending in operating personnel and its familiarization
  • Short amortization period = high ROI

Pump3DPro, our specifically adjusted 3D CFD code, which is based on the multi-awarded FeatFlow-concept, therefore presents a very economical high-tech analysis tool for the simulation, calculation and evaluation of the proceeding flow conditions.

“By means of IANUS Simulation we were able to identify our optimal operating point quickly and easily. Now we do not longer have any problems with the cavitation in our gear pump.”

Due to our long-time experience in the area of flow simulations, IANUS Simulation is your perfect partner for the optimization of pumps and systems.