We have news: IANUS is expanding!

IANUS Simulation: Eröffnung am Standort Berlin

Opening New Office in Berlin & Relocation in Bielefeld


We have exciting news! We’re taking a significant step forward as we undergo not only a physical transformation but also an expansion of our team. It’s time to pack up and embark on an exciting journey. There’s a big move happening in Bielefeld! Our previous office spaces were where ideas were born, innovations took shape, and successes were celebrated. But, as often happens in the world of business, it was time to broaden our horizons and embark on a larger, more exciting adventure. From now on, we’ll be conducting our work in an impressive new building that provides us with plenty of space—1100 square meters to be exact. We’ll be filling this space with amazing people, an abundance of knowledge, and lots of enthusiasm. This move not only signifies a change in our workplace but also a transformation of our corporate culture and goals. The expanded area offers us the opportunity to grow our team and bring on board talented individuals who share our vision. We firmly believe that our success relies on the people who work with us, and we’re ready to invest in the best minds and talents to drive our mission forward.


But that’s not all! In recent months, we’ve opened a new location in Berlin. Berlin is a city brimming with dynamism, innovation, and creative energy. We are thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead in this city and look forward to deepening our roots in this thriving environment.




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