“Starkes Land NRW” (Strong State of North Rhine-Westphalia) IANUS x BBM – The Spiegel

Mit KI und Biologie zu mehr Ressourceneffizienz

Using AI and biology to improve resource efficiency

In today’s world, where we face numerous environmental challenges, the search for innovative solutions to increase resource efficiency is becoming increasingly crucial. An increasingly popular approach in this regard is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and biology. In collaboration with BBM Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH, we have published a groundbreaking report in the current issue of “Starkes Land NRW” (“Strong State of North Rhine-Westphalia”) in Der Spiegel magazine. In this article, we demonstrate how we are revolutionizing the industry and contributing to a more sustainable future through an everyday item.

Our focus is on an everyday item that most people use daily: plastic packaging. These are widespread and pose a significant environmental challenge. Traditional manufacturing of these packaging materials requires the use of fossil fuels and results in substantial environmental pollution. However, we have found a solution to fundamentally transform this process.

By integrating AI and biological approaches, we have developed an innovative approach to the production of plastic packaging. Artificial Intelligence enables us to analyze complex data and determine optimal production parameters. This leads to more efficient resource utilization and a reduction in energy consumption.

Furthermore, we have implemented biological processes to make the production of plastic packaging more environmentally friendly. By using biodegradable materials and microorganisms, we can reduce the lifespan of the packaging and significantly ease their disposal. Our innovative approach has a significant impact on the industry.

By integrating AI and biology into plastic packaging production, we can significantly reduce resource consumption while enhancing the quality and performance of the packaging. Moreover, we contribute to reducing the use of fossil fuels and minimizing environmental pollution.

The combination of AI and biology is a promising way to create a more sustainable and resource-efficient future in various industries.

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