Research Project AIDEAS: IANUS X BBM

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A revolution in the industrial application of AI technologies

On Friday, our Head of Research, Kai Wenz, had the exciting opportunity to visit BBM Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH in Langenberg. As part of our AIDEAS Project research, we are closely collaborating with the company to drive the future of industrial AI technology application.

Within the framework of the research project, we are working alongside 16 European partners with the aim of being at the forefront of European innovation research, particularly when it comes to the introduction of numerous new AI technologies in industrial applications. Through these groundbreaking technologies, we aim to revolutionize efficiency, productivity, and quality in the manufacturing industry.

During the visit to BBM, the focus was on discovering how we can best contribute to improving operational processes with AIDEAS. The exciting factory tour allowed us to experience the production facilities and processes up close, identifying potential uses for AI technologies. Looking ahead, various opportunities for collaboration with BBM are emerging. AI technologies have the potential to profoundly change the industrial landscape. From machine learning to robotics and automated data analysis, these technologies offer a multitude of applications to enhance efficiency and optimize production processes. With the research project, we aim to ensure that these technologies are optimally utilized in close cooperation with companies like BBM.

The partnership with AIDEAS offers numerous advantages. The implementation of AI technologies allows the company to improve the efficiency and precision of its manufacturing processes. Automated data analysis can detect and address bottlenecks and sources of errors, leading to improved product quality. Furthermore, employees are relieved of repetitive tasks, as AI systems can take them over. The research project is driving the adoption of AI technologies in industrial applications. Through collaboration with partners like BBM, we have the opportunity to revolutionize the industry and lead European innovation research. The visit provided us with valuable insights.

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