Our Presentation at the Green AI Hub 2023

Green AI Hub 2023 Berlin, Vortrag, Felix Schulte, BBM Maschinenbau, Marius Dörner

Green-AI Hub 2023 in Berlin: AI for efficiency and environmental protection


We all recognize by now that the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds not only significant potential for enhancing the efficiency and optimization of business processes but also offers a valuable contribution to environmental protection. Under this banner, the Green AI Hub 2023 recently took place at the BMUV in Berlin. This event brought together numerous experts from SMEs, AI, business, and environmental associations to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of AI in the context of sustainability.

One of the standout features of the Green-AI Hub was the presentation by Dr.-Ing. Marius Dörner and Felix Schulte on the subject of “Possibilities of AI-driven Tool Optimization.” The presenters provided captivating insights into the use of AI algorithms to make tools more efficient, thereby conserving resources. These practical examples impressively illustrated how AI can support sustainable production. The event also provided a forum for a lively panel discussion, where various perspectives and opinions on the topic of Green AI were exchanged. Additionally, the Green-AI Hub for SMEs presented interactive AI demonstrators, allowing participants to experience the capabilities and functionalities of AI up close. These practical applications underscored the potential of AI for a resource-efficient and sustainable economy.

Following the lectures and presentations, there was a get-together, affording all participants the opportunity to engage in discussions. This informal setting facilitated interactions between representatives from different companies and associations, enabling the forging of new connections, exploration of collaborative opportunities, and the continuous expansion of knowledge. The event offered more than just professional exchanges; it also fostered networking within the industry. For those unable to attend in person, the event was recorded and made available online. This initiative allowed other interested parties to view the contributions and benefit from the insights and experiences of the participants.

The Green-AI Hub reached a wider audience and contributed to the dissemination of knowledge regarding sustainable AI applications. It was an inspiring and forward-looking event that emphasized how AI not only enables efficiency enhancements within businesses but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. The presentation of practical examples and discussions from different viewpoints showcased that AI-driven tool optimization and other sustainable AI applications are already being implemented in reality and can yield positive ecological outcomes.


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