IVAM High Tech Summit 2023 in Bochum

IVAM High Tech Summit 2023: Frank Platte, Christian Schwarz, Adrian Nowak

IVAM: The meeting place for micro- and nanotechnology

We were there! On May 3rd and 4th, 2023, we had the exciting opportunity to represent our company as an exhibitor at IVAM.

The event in Bochum promises fascinating insights into the world of technologies that contribute to making the world smarter. In addition to informative keynote speeches and presentations of new products and technologies, the Summit also offers interactive workshops where participants can delve deeper into specific topics. This year’s theme, “Microtechnologies for a Smart World,” emphasized the significant role of microtechnology in the digital transformation. In a time when digitization is fundamentally changing our lives, microtechnology plays a crucial role. It enables the development of smart devices, sensors, and intelligent systems that enhance and simplify our daily lives.

One of these workshops is the “Smart Energy” workshop, taking place on May 3rd, 2023. This workshop discusses innovative approaches and solutions in the field of smart energy. Participants have the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in this area and engage with experts. Another workshop, scheduled for May 4th, 2023, focuses on “AI in Medium-Sized Enterprises.” This workshop highlights the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medium-sized enterprises. Participants have the chance to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of AI in medium-sized businesses and benefit from the moderator’s experiences and insights. These interactive workshops provide participants with a unique opportunity to actively engage with the presented topics and expand their knowledge and skills in these areas. By interacting with experts and fellow participants, valuable connections can be established, and new perspectives gained. Thus, the event not only offers high-quality lectures and presentations but also the opportunity to explore new technologies and application areas in interactive workshops and actively participate.

IVAM stands for the “International Association for Microtechnology, Microsystems, and Precision Engineering.” As an international association based in Dortmund, IVAM aims to bring together companies and experts from the micro and nanotechnology industry. They seek to promote technology transfer, create new business opportunities, and drive the development of innovative products and solutions.

What particularly excited us was the diversity of application areas presented at the event. From medical technology to aerospace engineering, from sensors to laser technology, micro and nanotechnology influences and enhances a wide range of industries. The event provided us with the opportunity to not only learn about the latest products and technologies but also establish valuable industry contacts.

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