IANUS Simulation at CSAI 2023

IANUS Simulation auf der CSAI 2023

Revolutionary Insights into the Future of Manufacturing


Our CTO, Markus Geveler, was part of the third International Conference on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in Industry (CSAI 2023). The event took place from August 28, 2023, to August 30, 2023, in Trondheim, Norway. His presentation was titled “Revolutionizing Manufacturing with StrömungsRaum®️: The Confluence of Generative AI and High-Performance Digital Twin Simulations.” This delved deep into the fascinating possibilities of our product, a digital twin ecosystem that redefines the boundaries of computer science and artificial intelligence in the manufacturing domain. StrömungsRaum®️ boasts an impressive array of features, including advanced algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge technologies. These components work harmoniously to create a customized solution for a variety of applications. In his presentation, our CTO explained the unique role of our product in optimizing manufacturing. A key focus of his presentation was the innovative use of synthetic data in conjunction with high-performance computing. StrömungsRaum®️ stands out for its ability to handle maximum data throughput. He demonstrated how synthetic data can support the creation of highly precise models for manufacturing. These models are crucial for increasing production efficiency while reducing costs. Another essential aspect of his talk was the cloud-based utilization of StrömungsRaum®️. This feature enables unparalleled scalability and security, facilitating flexible and efficient solutions on various computing platforms. Our CTO showcased how this cloud technology is shaping the future of manufacturing and promoting adaptability within the industry. CSAI 2023 was an exciting forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas with fellow participants and industry experts. We were proud to be part of this inspiring event.

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