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Efficient and sustainable plastics processing of the future: the StömungsRaum®


Many manufacturers of extrusion tools face a common challenge: the production of prototypes is time-consuming and generates tons of plastic waste each year. The disadvantages of this issue are evident. But how can this challenge be addressed efficiently and, above all, sustainably? In this article, we would like to introduce you to our solution for the future of plastic processing, as told by our Head of Research, Kai Wenz.

Our approach is StrömungsRaum®, a cloud-based simulation framework based on advanced AI assistance systems. By utilizing deep machine learning and neural networks, it enables efficient and sustainable plastic processing. Equipped with the latest technologies and a user-friendly interface, StrömungsRaum® assists every user in saving costs and operating sustainably.

But how does this innovative technology work exactly? StrömungsRaum® employs advanced simulation techniques to predict the behavior of plastic during the extrusion process. By analyzing flow patterns, temperature distributions, and other relevant parameters, StrömungsRaum® can make precise predictions about the quality of the end product. This reduces the need for complex and time-consuming prototypes. However, the benefits go far beyond efficiency gains. By accurately predicting extrusion behavior, the amount of plastic waste can be drastically reduced. This leads to a significant decrease in environmental impacts and supports companies in their efforts towards more sustainable production. At the same time, manufacturers save costs as less material is wasted.

One company that has already benefited from the use of our framework is BBM Maschinenbau, a renowned machinery manufacturer. By integrating this technology into their production processes, they were able to increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing their ecological footprint. StrömungsRaum® enables BBM Maschinenbau to optimize their extrusion tools more precisely, resulting in improved product quality. This strengthens their competitiveness and their contribution to environmental protection.

Thus, our product provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by manufacturers of extrusion tools. By combining advanced simulation technology with AI assistance systems, it enables efficient work, cost savings, and more sustainable plastic processing.

The future of the industry lies in the application of innovative technologies like StrömungsRaum®.

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