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CEO inspires as guest speaker at TU Dortmund University


Our CEO, Tobias Herken, was a guest speaker at the Faculty of Mathematics at TU Dortmund. With his lecture on “Innovation and Development Management: Using Automated 3D CFD Simulations and AI for Efficient Production,” he captivated the audience.

The guest lecture provided students and participants with an exciting insight into the application of automated 3D CFD simulations and artificial intelligence for optimizing production processes. With practical examples and in-depth expertise, he demonstrated how these technologies can enhance production efficiency and drive innovative solutions.

Following the lecture, par5cipants had the opportunity to showcase their skills and abili5es in our AI Challenge. This hands-on challenge allowed students to apply their knowledge and further develop their exper5se in the field of ar5ficial intelligence.

After the event, we invited the participants to a final meeting at our headquarters. There, they had the chance to gain more exciting insights into our company and test our VR headsets on-site. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere and establish new connections. Collaborating with such dedicated students and professionals was a enriching experience. We look forward to organizing more events of this kind in the future and sharing our knowledge and expertise.

For more photos and information about the event and our activities, please visit our LinkedIn account. There, you’ll get a comprehensive view of the event and can draw inspiration from the enthusiasm and commitment that was palpable throughout the day.


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