Award Ceremony: AI Beyond Borders Award 2022

AI Beyond Borders Awards 2022, Gewinner, Tobias Herken, Markus Blume, Matthias Notz, Ai competence Center, AICC, German Entrepreneurship

IANUS wins the European AI Beyond Borders Award 2022


The new AI award from the AI Competence Center received a great response: Promising start-ups from various industries applied for the coveted award, which not only underscores their innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence but also promotes expansion into Asia and North America. On October 27, 2022, the AI Beyond Borders Awards were presented, honoring the best German AI start-ups that are not only redefining the boundaries for Artificial Intelligence but also hold the greatest potential for international expansion.

We are overwhelmed and filled with joy to have won the European AI Beyond Borders Award 2022! This prestigious award not only confirms our innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence but also highlights the immense potential for international expansion, especially in the regions of Asia and North America.

As a team at IANUS Simulation, we are incredibly proud of this achievement. The recognition at the AI Beyond Borders Awards means a lot to us, not least to our CEO Dr.-Ing. Tobias Herken, who has made a significant contribution to the development of our company. He emphasizes the importance of AI in the global engineering revolution and sees this award as a unique opportunity to take IANUS’s innovative technology to the world. For us, this award is invaluable and reinforces our hard work.

IANUS Simulation has made a name for itself with pioneering AI technology and outstanding achievements in simulation engineering. We offer solutions for various industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and many more. Using Artificial Intelligence, we enable precise predictions and optimizations in complex processes, resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost savings. Our range of applications is diverse, from virtual product development to process optimization to digital factory planning.

Not only the AI Competence Center but also the expert jury of the AI Beyond Borders Awards were impressed by our innovative technology. The high-caliber jury consisted of renowned representatives from science, business, and politics, and evaluated the applications of AI start-ups based on various criteria such as innovation, market potential, and international orientation. We excelled in all areas and thus secured the first place.

Expansion into Asia and North America is at the top of our agenda.

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