Our Code: Extrud3D

With our exclusive Code Extrud3D that is based on the FeatFlow concept, which has been awarded several times, we can portray and calculate very small paths, complex geometries, fast rotatory/ translational motions and high viscosities in high-resolution.

With Extrud3D you can quickly design your process and illustrate all parameters (temperatures, velocities, viscosities, shear rates, pressures and more) in high-resolution – incredibly fast. This is how you already can determine the influences of geometry, material and process parameters (e.g. rotational speed, barrel temperature profile) during development. Next to its excellent quality is the code especially characterized by its great flexibility. Fields of application are the plastics, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

On the basis of this code, we designed the software Extrud3D in several development steps. This software is predestined for performing flow simulations of single- and twin-screw extruders and pumps, mixers or stirrers.

The main features are:

  • Dynamic Grid Generation
  • Periodic Boundary Conditions
  • “False-Time-Stepping Method”
  • New Temperature Model (NGT-Model)

With the dynamic grid generation, the grid points are chosen dependent on the rotation angle. This is done on the basis of analytical equations that minimize the calculation time for the grid generation. With periodic boundary conditions and the False-Time-Stepping Method, the continuous calculation is transferred to a discrete one. This means that only selected angle settings need to be calculated, which reduces the calculation time drastically without risking a loss of quality. The high quality of this approach has been published for example in “Wechselnde interne Randbedingungen” von Münster, R.; Mierka, O.; Turek, S. (you can find this under the following link: https://ianus-simulation.de/en/publications/).