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Extrusion dies

One of the essential core elements of IANUS Simulation is the 3D CFD flow simulation for extrusion dies.

Compared to costly experimental investigations, a 3D CFD flow simulation can be implemented quickly and allows a detailed insight into the process. In such a manner, a process can already be examined and optimized in the early stage of development.

Furthermore, the causes of the following errors can be identified quickly:

  • Dead zones
  • Hotspots
  • Turbulences
  • High dwell times
  • Inefficient design

The advantage for the customer is an efficient product optimization. Black specks or tear-offs on the profile can be prevented from the start, additional costs for an unnecessary high waste of material can be avoided, and the energy efficiency can be improved in the best possible way.

Usual design procedure of extrusion dies

Digital design procedure of extrusion dies

“We often had difficulties with the die changes and had to try a lot to eventually avoid specks and tear-offs on the profile due to a poor die design. Together with IANUS Simulation we are able now to produce optimally in advance and without having to rework the dies.”

Efficient solutions in a short time – We optimize your dies!