Client interviews in Englisch

Unfortunatly, the client interviews are in German. To inform you about the content, we summarized the video extracts in Englisch.

Why do we need simulation?

Nowadays, the encountering problems are very complex. You cannot look into the machines, so simulation is a very helpful tool to gain an insight. Without the simulation software it would be impossible to get these information.
Another advantage is the cost factor. By simulating the processes instead of trying them, you can save a lot of money and also a lot of time. Sometimes trials can cost even several thousand euros.
Simulation also offers the opportunity to test different components before choosing a system or to check finished constructions to make them ready for the market in a short period of time.


What are specific projects?

The Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH is specialized for the extrusion of dermoplastical semifinished products.
In cooperation with IANUS, they use simulation to redesign their tools, which were in use for many years.
The results are a higher efficiency, higher throughputs and a better quality of the products.

The Bernhard Ide GmbH is a company doing profile extrusion.
They design extruders, extrusion systems and extrusion tools.
After designing, they send the data and the material specification to IANUS to simulate the outcomes.

The BREYER GmbH cooperates with IANUS in connection with nozzle design by using CFD simulation, to guarantee a constant layer distribution.

The M-A-S GmbH is the only company producing co-rotating twin-screw extruders. Therefore, there is very little experience and a very small amount of scientific data to rely on. Considering that, simulation is essential for them and that is why they cooperate with IANUS.