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Air-flow simulation

IANUS Simulation also offers 3D CFD simulation of turbulent flows.
In this field, there are many possibilities of flow simulations. Besides air-flow simulations in feed pipes, ovens etc., is the calculation of resistors in the automotive or wind turbine sector the newest state of the art. Heat transmission procedures for all turbulent flows – like for example in industrial ovens – can be quickly realized. Various radiation models and their influences can be very easily depicted too.

Below, you can find some examples of possible applications:

  • Oven designs
  • Optimization of pipe-air conduction systems
  • Wind power plants
  • Automotive
  • Building design (heat and air transport)

Therefore, possible sources of errors like vortex formation or unintended unsteady heating can be identified and prevented already in advance.

Find the optimal geometry for your process by means of an air-flow simulation and the extensive experience of IANUS Simulation in the field of 3D CFD flow simulations. Regardless of whether you want an already existing geometry to be optimized or to be completely new designed, IANUS Simulations helps you to achieve your aims both quickly and easily.

  • No trial and error
  • Quick calculations
  • Easy handling without any initial training
  • No additional personnel and material costs
  • Low investment risk due to a high ROI and quick amortization
  • Higher product and process quality

Regardless of whether the customer wants the energy efficiency to be improved or to obtain key performance indicators, IANUS Simulation simulates these flow processes on the basis of the CAD data. By this, the customer can design their system or process efficiently.

“Thanks to IANUS Simulation and their simulations we were able to find out quickly why some of our pieces of dough burnt in our oven while others were only half done.”

We ensure the highest quality with minimal effort!