Aerosol simulation

An aerosol is a mixture of tiny, solid or liquid suspended particles and air. They can spread viruses and bacteria, for example, but also smoke or dust in the room air.

With the help of 3D CFD flow simulations, you can simulate and analyse this aerosol dispersion for your premises in order to avoid generally unfavourable air conditions or, for example, the undesired spread of viruses or bacteria. The exact knowledge of the air flow helps you to choose the right measures for your rooms and buildings to ensure optimal air conditions.

If you have specific questions about your rooms and buildings, please contact us! We will be happy to answer your concerns personally.

Aerosol simulation: Efficiency of air purifiers

You want to filter the aerosols spreading viruses out of the air in your rooms?
We will find the optimal ventilation strategy for your room in just 3 steps!

  • Digital modelling of the room
  • Simulation and identification of distruptive factors that affect air purification
  • Recommendation for the optimal positioning of air filters
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Aerosol simulation: Building design

Are you still in the building/room planning stage and would like to prevent unfavourable ventilation conditions or room layouts? We develop suitable measures for your specifications in just 4 steps!

  • Digital modelling of the planned building
  • Simulation of air flow
  • Simulation of aerosol dispersion
  • Evaluation and measures
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